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Nov 17, 2013 9:00am PST
get to you, an best of all the phone takes care of the payment, just like uber. steve humphreyseads the fort. he is now the ceo and executive taylor.wheel joined by colleen yo app really is exactly like uber. as a user, and i'm not accusing you of anything i'm saying yea, and the interfac is familiar. familiar a you paybout half the pri and you g o of a large number of taxies already out in the city. we fured let's use those insteaofutting new cars on the street and creating whole new experience. we're getting theonsumer p exrience side. >> people have largely abandoned taxis. ubers popular because they have been burn'd so many times by a cap that doesn't show up. how much markeng do you have to do to get people to try out cabs ain. >> cabs are still the mass market, and that's one thing that we looked at and decided th we wanted to focus on. and worldwide caps are the ways that people get around. what they needed was a methodology to getasy access for the consums and feedback for the drivers. many drivers want to kw how they're doing. there is always a few that want d
Nov 10, 2013 9:00am PST
both former hp employees, both named steve, showed their friends and colleaguest the home brew which they called the apple n moment in the tv movie "pirates of silicon valley." >> the schematics we have a -- >> first computerou're ever goin to see. >> lee feldstein wasn't jt there at the momt. he was probably the guy with the yardstick as t moderator of the homerew computer club, which when we're going tolash his name on the screen, we will refer to you as home brew computer club but we could refer to you in a million different ways, electrical engineer, a designer of e first porble computer, the inventor of the penny wstle modem. you have had an accomplished life doing many things,ut for the moment the moderator athe home bre comter club. so bring m back to thismoment. i realize the club was way bigger than jus the two steves and e moment of apple computer, but did you know when they walked in with the bhat they hadomething that was woh looking at? did you say, oh, i see this? >> that scene in "pirates of l silicon valley" is hardly accurate. >> first it was in berkeley. true,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2